Preparation is as important as aftercare.
A full WEEK before your tattoo appointment I recommend moisturising the area at least once a day. If it's accessible, i suggest using Immortal Prime (click the image to the right)

Otherwise any quality skin moisturiser or Vitamin E cream will suffice.
Gentle daily exfoliation to the area will be a benefit to the skin also.

Consume plenty of water and the day of the tattoo have a LARGE HEALTHY BREAKFAST.
Tattoo procedures are endurance races on your body and you will need fuel to carry you through the session.
I also recommend bringing some bottled water and some snacks to keep your energy up through out the day.
Headphones/iPads welcome if you feel you will need them.


I use Saniderm to cover my tattoos.
It's a clear breathable medical film that covers and seals the area and speeds up the healing.
leave this film on for 4/5 days.
Upon removal, wash the area with a gentle moisturising soap, dry thoroughly and apply a thin layer of your choice of aftercare cream twice a day for the following 7 days.(I have my own organic vegan butter available)
After this point your tattoo should be fully healed, but i recommend regularly moisturising the area to keep it fresh.



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